Let El Sizzling Lomito show you what makes Argentinian steak so special

Posted 12 months ago

lomito argentinian steak so special

If you’ve always wondered what makes Argentinian steak so special – let us at El Sizzling Lomito Restaurant show you why

Are you a KRoad local, or in Auckland on a night out? We’ve got your meat cravings covered – authentic Argentinian style. Don’t believe us? Here are four reasons that might convince you ????...


Best Quality Ingredients

Our team believes in only using the best ingredients to dish up authentic, innovative fresh Argentinean meals. That means premium local ingredients, seasonally inspired, and sustainably sourced. Have you ever heard of meat more renowned than the grass-fed beef originating in Argentina? Us neither! Argentineans eat about 55kg of beef each a year – trust us when we say we are serious about the meat quality we maintain at our authentic Argentinean restaurant.

While we’re certain our menu will leave you spoilt for choice, if you still can’t make up your mind about what to order you can always go with the chef’s recommendation. P.s. We are also proud to be a Paleo friendly restaurant.

Open Fire

Now that we’ve got the ingredients settled – it’s all about the way we prepare your meal here at K-Road’s EL Sizzling Lomito. We’ll be the first ones to say that watching your food be grilled in front of your eyes over the open fire is part of the attraction at our restaurant. The tempting aroma of the slow cooked meat hitting your nostrils in a laid-back atmosphere is a unique experience. (Also… remember the last time that you ordered a meal in a restaurant and it seemed to take forever for your food to come? You won’t have to play guessing games here!)

And in case you were wondering, why we are so particular about open fire at our restaurant? Because there is just something about real, live fire that infuses your steak with flavours you can’t get from other ways of preparing it.



We might all love a good barbecue – but most of us don’t know how to make a mean one. The team behind El Sizzling Lomito’s have a passion for serving up real, wholesome food – in a traditional Argentinian way, the way that it’s been done for centuries. At our restaurant, Aucklanders and tourists alike can sooth their meat cravings, because we know just how to make your favourite steak, sandwich or other carnivore craving - melt in your mouth – because that’s the way we like to eat our meats too!


Central Location

Located in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, in the world-famous Karangahape road, EL Sizzling Lomito offers a casual but classy ambiance, with great music, and friendly staff. To indulge your five senses in a special atmosphere and experience Auckland’s most authentic Argentinian restaurant experience, make your reservation now.

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